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Fix Your Credit in 2022 and Become Debt Free

It’s easy to suddenly find yourself in credit card debt. If you want to get out of debt in 2022 and improve your credit, read on. CCCS of Rochester can help.

How Credit Counseling Can Help You

In life, nothing comes free. It’s a sentiment that millions of people suffering from debt understand all too well. But, as true as those words are, reputable credit counseling agencies do offer

PayDay Lenders and Potential Alternatives

In times of struggle and financial hardship, you are looking for options to help keep you afloat. Perhaps you’re falling behind, or you are trying to juggle other debts you owe.

MyMoneyCheckup®: Planning for Financial Wellbeing

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to understand your current financial situation? Or not really know where to begin to assess your overall financial well-being?

Should you apply for a retail store credit card?

For starters, a retail store credit card is a physical charge card that gives you credit for a specific retailer.  The amount of credit given can vary depending on your current credit score. More cre

How Many Credit Scores Do I Have?

Often we hear from our clients that they checked their credit score through a free site such as Credit Karma and were shown a high credit score but ye

Getting out of Debt in 2017

Getting out of Debt in 2017 The holidays have come and gone.  This time of year is a great time to think about goals for the new year. Make the commit

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