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A Wise Strategy for Tax Refunds

A wise strategy for tax refunds – By- Chad Rieflin Tax time is always exciting when a refund is anticipated. Plans and projects that might have...

Buying Your First Home - When to Buy?

Are you considering buying your first home? Buying your first home can be overwhelming. Our first time home buying workshops go over everything you need to know about buying your first home including

First Home Club

First Home Club Becoming a homeowner is the #1 goal of many of our clients. CCCS of Rochester can help you prepare for the reality and responsibilities of home ownership and assist you in obtain

Identity Theft

Identity Theft Identity theft is commonly seen with stolen credit cards or bank information, but it can happen in many ways. No matter what kind of fraud, once it is discovered, the procedure for the

CCCS Partners with the City of Rochester’s Biz Kid$ Program

One of our top priorities at CCCS is to work closely with community agencies in order to integrate financial education within their programs and projects. We believe that doing so strengthens the serv

April is Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month Have you ever found yourself at a dinner party or social event, contemplating whether the next topic of conversation should be religion or politics? For most, the ans

CCCS receives Housing Grant Dollars

CCCS of Rochester has been awarded $46,000 to help homeowners stay in their homes. As part of NYS Attorney General Schneiderman’s Homeowner Protection

New Workshop

At CCCS of Rochester, we understand you might not know what to do when you fall behind on your mortgage payments. This can happen for a number of...

Defending Creditor Lawsuits

  By Frank J. Borgese, Esq., Partner at Graham & Borgese, LLP   Default Judgments- Every month in New York State there are tens of thousands of lawsuits filed by alleged creditors ("pl

Priority Pay

PRIORITY PAY PROGRAM The Priority Pay program is a brand new, successful addition to the many other services offered at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester. This program is available to c

Student Loan Counseling

It’s been a big topic in the news this year. The amount of student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt in the United States. As the cost of higher education continues to rise, so will student l

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