Financial Wellness Series

  • "Building the Foundation for Financial Wellness"
    Building a plan for financial peace and success
    Are you looking to improve your financial picture, but you're not sure where to begin? Building the Foundation for Financial Wellness offers students the opportunity to get started the right way… with vision, outlook, and motivation backed by a solid plan.
    Learn how to:
    • Develop specific, attainable goals that fit with personal values
    • Follow the correct steps in developing an effective spending and savings plan, and
    • Build the foundation for financial wellness.
  • "Cures for Financial Ills"Treatments that create a healthier financial picture
    We all face financial "ills" from time to time that come in many shapes and forms; from the proverbial fiscal "cold" to the chronic pain of monetary "arthritis". Unfortunately, many financial ills are often ignored or untreated. Cures for Financial Ills explores the strategies and treatments that create a healthier financial picture:
    • Successful debt-repayment strategies,
    • Effective negotiation techniques
    • Efficient cash-flow management and more.
  • "Credit Checkup"
    Learning the ins and outs of maintaining good credit
    Getting a checkup can be a nerve-racking experience… we fear the unknown. The topic of credit can be equally daunting when you consider everything involved; credit reports, credit scores, credit cards, debt, regulations, creditors, loans, etc. When it comes to getting a "credit checkup" it's difficult in this day and age to have a solid grasp of where we're at and what we need to do. This class examines the ins and outs of maintaining good credit:
    • Getting the correct free copies of our credit reports,
    • Reading and understanding our reports,
    • Getting rid of mistakes and errors, and
    • Resolving problem areas
  • "Maintaining a Good Financial Temperature"
    Strategies for building good credit scores
    It's hard to believe that a little three digit number can affect our finances in such a dramatic fashion. Credit scores have become the modern gauge of a healthy financial picture. Do you know what your "financial temperature" is? Is your credit history running a fever or suffering from hypothermia? Discover the do's and don'ts of credit scores and learn what it takes to maintain a good financial temperature:
    • Obtaining a credit score from the right source,
    • Evaluating the elements of a score, and
    • Actions that build good credit scores.
  • "Protect Your Financial DNA"
    Keeping your identity safe from harm
    It's been said that a good name is more valuable than gold. Needless to say, few things are more frightening than the prospect of falling victim to identity theft. It's estimated that the average victim will spend over 100 hours and spend more than$1,000 clearing their name. Learn what it takes to protect our financial DNA and keep our personal information safe from harm:
    • Knowing how ID theft commonly happens,
    • Understanding how to minimize our risk,
    • Steps to take if we are victims, and
    • Available resources.

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