High School & College Student Classes

  • "Becoming Wealthy"
    Believe it or not, with the right effort and strategy, all students have the potential to become millionaires! Becoming Wealthy inspires young people to take charge of their financial futures through the power of saving. Students learn how to be disciplined with their spending, what tools are necessary for managing finances effectively, and a plan for saving over $1 million during their lifetime.
  • "Getting Smart about Credit"
    When it comes to the subject of credit, we've all felt like dummies at one point or another. Getting Smart About Credit provides a fun and humorous approach to helping students learn the ins and outs of handling credit in a smart way. Participants explore the benefits and dangers credit, high-cost credit cards, ways to establish a solid credit history, and how to use credit effectively throughout life.
  • "Why do we spend the way we do?"
    Being disciplined enough to spend our money wisely and efficiently is one of the most challenging tasks that we all face. In our current culture it's difficult to stay on track when there are so many outside forces tempting us to spend, spend, spend. This class helps students recognize harmful spending habits and empowers them to spend money the right way.
  • "Getting Smart about Finances"
    Understanding how to handle money the right way doesn't have to be a lesson that we learn through trial and error. Learning the right lessons early on can make a huge difference when it comes to successful finances. In this class students learn the main "money lessons" that everyone should know from the start when it comes to managing money.
  • "Check It Out – Banking Basics"
    Checking accounts can be a student's first introduction to the world of banks and credit unions. Unfortunately, many students are not taught even the basics of balancing a checkbook. In Check It Out, students work in a workshop format to learn everything that goes into handling a checking account – writing checks, making deposits, using a check register, understanding a statement, and reconciling an account.
  • "Taking Care of Finances After School"
    Heading out into the real world as a recent college graduate can be an intimidating experience. Figuring out how to manage finances and handle expenses on a limited income is a challenge for anyone – especially for someone managing their own finances for the first time. Taking Care of Finances After School is a class developed to help students entering the world of work so they can get started on the right footing. Students learn how to get a handle on the future, how to build good credit, how to develop and live within a budget, and several important wise spending strategies.
  • "Navigating the Credit Road"
    Understanding the ins and outs of credit can be like trying to fight your way through a treacherous maze. One wrong move or turn can lead to disastrous consequences with long-lasting effects. Navigating the Credit Road leads students through the process of establishing and maintaining good credit without becoming burdened by debt. Learn how to order your credit report for free from the annual credit report service, read and understand the information in your credit file, how credit scores work, what things affect your credit score, how to establish and maintain good credit without going into debt, and how to live a lifestyle that uses good debt instead of bad debt.

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