CCCS of Rochester Continues Partnership with Horizons for Low Income City of Rochester Students


Rochester, NY – Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester is once again taking part in the Horizons program, and has expanded to another Horizons location. CCCS will be teaching Financial Literacy to students at the Horizons at Harley and Horizons at Warner programs. CCCS of Rochester has been providing the education to students in 6th- 8th grades at the Horizons program.

 The Financial Literacy class created and taught by CCCS of Rochester education specialists at Harley was a huge success last year that Horizons at Warner was interested in offering the class to their students this summer. To help offset costs, CCCS of Rochester was awarded a $2000 grant from M&T Bank. “CCCS of Rochester is grateful for this grant which will help us to continue educating the middle school students of the RCSD,” Said Lynette Baker, Director of Marketing at CCCS of Rochester, “Studies have shown that teaching young people responsible financial skills can help them become financially successful adults.”

 The Horizons Student Enrichment Program serves low income, City of Rochester students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. The programs are an affiliate of the Horizons National summer learning program. The six-week summer program employs an experiential model of teaching that is focused on reading, writing and math. The hands-on, project-based curriculum successfully counteracts the negative effects of summer learning loss and the associated achievement gap. Students not only improve academically, but learn to swim and participate in a breadth of activities that foster creativity, confidence, citizenship and good health.

 CCCS of Rochester and the Horizons Program hope to make this course an annual offering at the summer program and to continue growth to other locations. Studies show that most children in America receive their financial education from their parents. Parents who live in poverty and know very little about financial topics are more likely to have the same situations perpetuated in their children lives as adults. CCCS of Rochester believes that educating children in financial literacy will help them break the cycle of poverty as they become adults and start raising their own family.