Representative Payee

When assistance is required in managing Social Security benefits, individuals or agencies can be appointed to serve as a “Representative Payee”.

What is a Representative Payee?

A Representative Payee is an individual or an organization designated to receive disability benefits on a client’s behalf. The Representative Payee then helps the client to budget the money and disburses the funds to pay for current needs, including housing and utilities, food, medical expenses, personal care and clothing. The Representative Payee must keep records of how the client’s money is spent. This information is reported regularly to the Social Security Administration.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester is certified by Social Security to manage Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability (SSD) payments for a beneficiary who cannot manage or direct the management of his or her money.  CCCS of Rochester has been reliably handling the finances of Rochesterians for over 45 years. CCCS of Rochester created BalancedCare to help improve the lives of seniors and people with disabilities.

BalancedCaresm Offers:

  • Debit cards for personal needs allowance
  • Open Door hours on Tuesday and Thursday from 10am- 2pm
  • Return calls within 24 hours

Only BalancedCare combines in-depth financial services expertise, innovative service delivery infrastructure and a commitment to a personalized approach, creating affordable financial solutions that improve the lives of seniors, caregivers and people with disabilities.

BalancedCare is also proud to be a VA Fiduciary.

Call today for a consultation to determine if this program is right for you. Contact BalancedCare at 585-360-1856


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