Smart Checking Program
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Smart Checking Program

Sep 7, 2018

CCCS of Rochester has been partnering with financial institutions within the Rochester community to help people get back on track with better money management. We offer a program called Smart Checking which helps individuals gain knowledge about better bank account management through education and accountability. 

Why is it important to manage your bank account? When your money is withdrawn from the account and the balance goes below zero, you could incur a hefty overdraft fee depending on terms of the account. These are also called a nonsufficient funds fee or NSF.

These bank fees can start to add up taking from other expenses or bills you must pay. It’s like taking your money and throwing it right out of the window. 

How will this program help you? You can schedule an appointment with an expert to review how you are managing your money in your bank account and learn ways to avoid fees. Assistance with creating a budget and review of credit will also be conducted during appointment. 

Here are some basic tips you can do now to start taking control of your money and avoid unnecessary fees:

  1. Opt out of debit card coverage. Ask your financial institution what your preferences are so you will not be allowed to overdraw your account.

  2. Check your balance frequently. Use online banking, call the 800 number or keep a check register to total a running balance.

  3. Set up mobile alerts to notify you when your balance is getting below a certain amount. Ask your financial institution to help you set this up.

To enroll in weekly financial tips to help you stay on track, simply text the keyword CCCS to 797979. Text message and data rates apply.

To schedule an appointment for Smart Checking counseling, call our office at 585-546-3440.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about this program, please email us at