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Go for Gold

*At this time, program funding for peer-led activity incentives has been fully utilized.

*If you are a certified Go for Gold Peer Educator, please contact Go for Gold before conducting a peer-led activity: goforgold@cccsofrochester.org 

In continuance of our educational mandate, CCCS of Rochester developed a free financial education program to help youth achieve financial readiness for the future. Go for Gold is a financial literacy program that teaches youth about different components of financial competence. Utilizing a peer-to-peer education model, the program trains youth between the ages of 11 and 18 who then become peer educators, teaching other students within their schools and community. Aside from teaching youth the fundamentals of financial wellbeing, Go for Gold also imparts professional skills in public speaking, leadership, conflict resolution, and confidence-building. Go for Gold establishes a framework for identifying and supporting the critical opportunities, relationships, and personal strengths that young people need to succeed.

Fundamental topics we cover:

  • Financial Capability- budgeting, saving, credit cards, credit scores, needs vs wants, loans and spending control
  • Interpersonal/Social Skills- discussion of the importance of teamwork, collaboration and professional etiquette  
  • Professional & Technical skills- hands on navigation & utilization of Power Point, professionalism etiquette continued
  • Communication skills- public speaking skills, differentiating communication with peers, co-workers, teachers and supervisors

Peer- led workshops:

Upon completion of Go for Gold training, students have the opportunity to become peer educators in their classroom. Students must prepare a 10-15-minute presentation on a financial literacy topic of their choice to teach to other students. Students will receive a $50.00 stipend for completing a presentation and are limited to five presentations; potentially earning $250.00. Teachers or program leaders will be given a verification sheet to complete and send into the Go for Gold program coordinator following the student’s presentation.

Click here to complete teacher verification

Who we serve:

Go for Gold collaborates with local schools, recreation programs, enrichment programs, and other non-profits throughout Monroe County. Youth participating in Go for Gold must be between the ages of 11 and 18 and enrolled in any form of academic institution or school. 

Virtual workshops:

Given the situation of remote learning due to COVID-19, Go for Gold has been conducting virtual trainings for students since the beginning of the pandemic. Our program has been implementing trainings via Zoom, Google Classrooms, Ring Central and Skype. Students will be trained through video chat and will also conduct peer-led workshops through an online platform of their choice.


Mehriban Sirin, Guidance Counselor at Rochester Academy Charter School

"Thank YOU for providing this awesome program to the students. They learn, educate and earn. Learning about financial literacy is a very important step for them to be successful in their life, and in this program, they learn about it while teaching others. They are practicing different skills such as presenting, getting prepared for the presentation, finding and arranging their peers to teach, having them get interested (marketing), getting over their anxiety while presenting, etc. These are all things that many students find hard not only doing but trying. So, you motivate them to have the experience of these skills. Thank YOU!"

Youth assessments:

Prior to completing Go for Gold training, program participants must submit a Pre-test. 

Click here to complete the Pre-test

Upon completion of Go for Gold training, program participants must submit a Post-test.

Click here to complete the Post-test

Contact CCCS of Rochester today to request a workshop for your students or program by clicking HERE.

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