Go for Gold Peer-Education Steps
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Step 1 -  Complete Go-for-Gold peer education training. 

If you need to check to make sure you completed training, contact the Go for Gold Coordinator by emailing: goforgold@cccsofrochester.org


*Be sure you complete your required pre- and post-assessments by using these links:

Pre-Assessment (to be completed before training)

Post-Assessment (to be completed after training)


Step 2 - Get permission to do an official Go-for-Gold peer-led activity.

*Payment will not be issued for activities that have not been pre-approved by the Go for Gold program.

Complete this form to get permission: Peer-led activity permission form


Step 3 - Conduct your approved Go-for-Gold peer-led activity.

*In-person activities require a minimum of 5 participants who complete surveys.


Step 4 - Have your teacher or program coordinator complete a verification form.

Teacher Verification Form


Step 5 - Payment for approved and completed Go-for-Gold peer-led activities will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis subject to funding availability.