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Driven2Success Program Application

The Driven2Success program is supported by Monroe County and the ESL Foundation to help low-to-moderate-income Monroe County New York residents qualify for affordable car loans with local lending partners.

Counselors work with qualified participants to create a budget, review their credit, and compile information for purchasing a vehicle for work purposes. 

While the program does not provide grants or direct lending, the program works with local banks and credit unions to help clients have a better chance at qualifying for a lower-cost loan. This is often a tremendous advantage over going directly to a dealership.

If you are interested in applying to the Driven2Success program, please complete the application below. Once submitted, we will review your information and follow up.

2023 income limits: 1-person household = $53,200, 2-person household = $60,80, 3-person household = $68,400, 4-person household = $75,950, 5-person household = $82,050, 6-person household = $88,150


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