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Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester's Debt Management Programs will get you back on track and in control.

  • Lower interest rates on your unsecured personal debt
  • Lower payments to your creditors

  • No more late or over limit fees
  • One convenient monthly payment
  • Relief from collection calls and letters


When a client first contacts CCCS of Rochester for help with their debt, they will be scheduled for a First Appointment.

What is a First Appointment? A first appointment is a free one on one consultation with a Certified Financial Counselor. The client and the counselor discuss any questions and/or concerns that the client may be facing in order to find them the best debt relief option. The counselor will ask about income, expenses, debt, future goals.  

What items are required for a first appointment? Clients should bring a month of their most recent paystubs and should have an idea of what their monthly expenses are. Clients should bring any and all statements from creditors they would like assistance with. If possible, bring a copy of their free credit report from

What will happen during a First Appointment? During a first appointment the counselor and client will go over the clients’ income and monthly budget to see what the client has coming in versus what is going out. If need be, the counselor would make recommendations in areas where the client is overspending or could cut back such as going out to eat, shopping, etc. The counselor will also look at the client’s Experian credit report, and advise the client of their FICO credit score and all of the accounts reporting to Experian. The counselor will make recommendations to the client on ways to increase their credit score.

What’s next? After reviewing the credit report with the client, the counselor would go over the options that may be available to the client to get them debt free and relieve them of their financial stress. Some options that clients may have are a Debt Management Program to assist them with paying off all of their debt within 5 years, or applying for a consolidation loan from a bank. If referrals are needed for services that CCCS of Rochester does not provide, the counselor would refer them to other agencies that may be more suitable for the clients’ needs.


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