Community Partnerships

CCCS of Rochester cultivates our community partnerships.

We believe that offering our expertise to the community in partnership with other organizations strengthens our commitment to our clients. Feel free to contact our partners directly for the services they offer, or call us to learn more.


Catholic Family Center -  

A division of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rochester, Catholic Family Center (CFC) offers compassionate and comprehensive services to families and individuals in need across all stages of life. In April 2018, CCCS of Rochester joined forces with CFC to launch the 360 Collaborative network. The network brings service providers together to leverage shared technology to provide coordinated care for mutual clients.


City of Rochester - Biz Kid$:

Biz Kid$ program provides interactive, applied business and entrepreneurial education to city youth ages 10-18. CCCS of Rochester works in partnership with Biz Kid$ to integrate financial education and sound money management principles into the program.


Empire Justice Center, CASH -

CASH collaborates with the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester to offer the Coach Program. With the help of trained volunteer coaches, the program provides confidential one-on- one and group financial coaching to help participants reach financial goals.


ESL Federal Credit Union -


ESL Federal Credit Union is the largest locally led financial services institution in the Greater Rochester area. With assets of $6.1 billion, ESL is one of the largest credit unions in New York State. And we rank in the top 1% of more than 7,000 federally insured credit unions in the U.S. CCCS of Rochester is proud work with ESL using a formal referral process.  Together we have assisted more than 4000 individuals reach their financial goals in the Rochester area. 


Genesee Coop -  

CCCS of Rochester partners with Genesee Coop to provide the Driven2Success program. Driven2Success provides workers and job candidates in Greater Rochester with a cost-effective way to obtain and maintain reliable transportation.



OACES is Rochester’s premier training center for adult and career education services, a division of the Rochester City School District. CCCS of Rochester partners with OACES to provide targeted financial education for adult learners and refugees. 


Villa of Hope -

Villa of Hope is an innovative human services organization that renews hope to youth and families, building stronger communities. CCCS of Rochester provides credit checks and education to foster-care youth served by Villa of Hope to ensure students are protected from identity theft.




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