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  • Saving for Summer Vacation

    During the summer no one wants to stay inside. To ensure that you will be able to enjoy your summer to the fullest, here are some tips to help plan ahead. These are important to make sure that you are not over spending on credit cards or getting behind on regular monthly bills.
    Set a goal: First set a goal for yourself that will allow for summer fun within a budget. Then decide how much you can set aside out of each paycheck and how many weeks this goal will take to achieve. Sometimes this can accomplished without putting aside extra funds, but rather tightening up your current expenses. For example, cutting out one cup of coffee per week or bringing your lunch each day.
     If you planning a vacation away from home, it’s important to plan for all of the possible expenses, such as plane fare, hotel costs, food, activities and for the unexpected expenses! Once you know how much you will need, you can set up a savings plan that will work for your budget.
    If you are staying home for the summer, look for options that have little to no out of pocket expense, such as visiting a park, a beach or the zoo.
    Discounts: Do not be afraid to ask about possible discounts at your destination or events, as you never know what will be availab...

  • Breadwinner Moms, Make the Call

    When you just can’t seem to get out from under your bills and your family’s future is becoming harder to focus on, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and a little lost. You aren’t. It’s actually the first step to tackling your money issues.
    While a call to Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester, an NFCC® member agency, is an important step to solving money problems, the first step is actually facing the fact that you need help, and it’s the hardest. But, once you make the call, we can help put you on the right path to resolving your situation.
    It’s a situation we understand well. In fact, NFCC and The Ohio State University worked together to survey participants in NFCC’s Sharpen Your Financial Focus™ program we offer. Data from this program found that the type of counselling we provide helped reduce revolving debt levels, specifically for wage-earning mothers, by nearly 49.5% from precounseling levels within a year.
    How we help and the results you realize depend on you and what you need.
    • Consolidate bills into one smaller payment.
    • Pay off your debt faster.
    • Improve your money habits.
    • Lower interest rates regardless of credit score.
    • Stop collection calls.
    • Eliminate late fees and over-limit charges.
    Helping women, especially those who are the primary breadwinner for their household and have found themselves in tough financial situations, is what we do. If that’s you, you owe it to yourself. Make the ca...

  • Don't Let Debt Keep You Down, Soldier

    Struggling with debt is bad enough – whether you’re a veteran or are about to transition into civilian life – but when you’re actively deployed, ...

  • Pooled Trust

    A pooled trust is a trust established and administered by a non-profit organization. According to Federal and New York State laws a person of any a...

  • What's in your Credit Score?

                                                       How a FICO Score breaks down
    35%- Payment History
    30% Amounts Owed
    15% Length of Credit Hist...

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