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  • The Difference Between a Hard Credit Pull and a Soft Credit Pull

    There are two different types of credit pulls that can show up on your credit report in the inquiry section:  hard and soft inquiries also known as pulls.

  • What is a Secured Credit Card?

    Credit Cards are a good way to build good credit, however you may not be able to get a credit card without good credit or established credit.

  • What To Do If You Can’t Pay Your Rent

    Your landlord may have originally offered you a deferment for a period which may now be ending.

  • What to Expect After a Mortgage Forbearance Ends

    What is the difference between a mortgage forbearance and mortgage forgiveness?

  • The Stress of Finances and Suicidal Behavior

    For many Americans, debt is a growing stressor, especially in these times of uncertainty. One may feel embarrassed and overwhelmed by their debt and feel like there is no way to get out.

  • How To Build A Savings Account

    The first thing you will want to do when planning for your savings is to set a goal you would like to achieve. By setting a goal first, you can come up with the most effective plan to reach it.

  • Choosing a Financial Institution

     What is the difference between a Credit Union and a Bank?

  • Reduction In Credit Limit

    With everything going on right now in your financial world keeping track of your credit is important.

  • PayDay Lenders and Potential Alternatives

    In times of struggle and financial hardship, you are looking for options to help keep you afloat. Perhaps you’re falling behind, or you are trying to juggle other debts you owe.

  • Budgeting During a Crisis

    Most financial advisors will recommend that you have an emergency fund of at least 3 months of expenses in case of financial crisis.

  • MyMoneyCheckup®: Planning for Financial Wellbeing

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to understand your current financial situation? Or not really know where to begin to assess your overall financial well-being?

  • What Do Deferred Payments Mean for You?

    During the COVID-19 situation many creditors are offering deferred payments for everything from Credit cards and Auto loans to Mortgages, but what does that mean for you?

  • Free Weekly Credit Scores Online and Why You Should Check Them

    Starting April 20th, 2020, all consumers can check their credit reports from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax weekly for free by accessing Previously before COVID-19, these re

  • Housing Updates Related to COVID-19

    Housing Updates Related to COVID-19

    Due to COVID-19, many homeowners and renters have faced loss of income due to the state of emergency everywhere.

  • Helpful Credit Options During COVID-19

    Helpful Credit Options During COVID-19

    What to do when your finances are impacted by COVID-19

  • Stimulus Checks

    According to this is the information that you are looking for as to who qualifies for an Economic Impact Payment or better known as stimulus checks and who doesn’t.
    U.S. residents will r...

  • Avoiding Stimulus Check Financial Scams

    As many of you have heard, the president signed the CARES Act into law on Friday, March 27th. Because of this act, many Americans will soon be receiving checks from the government to assist through th

  • The CARES Act & Student Loans

    The CARES Act & Student Loans

    Are you wondering what the CARES Act means for you and your student loans? We’ve got the breakdown here for you of what you need to know....

  • Should you apply for a retail store credit card?

    For starters, a retail store credit card is a physical charge card that gives you credit for a specific retailer.  The amount of credit given can vary depending on your current credit score. More ...

  • UltraFICO

    Consumers with low credit scores may soon have a way to boost that three-digit number! A new product is supposed to become available in Summer 2019 and it will be geared towards consumers with low cre

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