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Housing Updates Related to COVID-19

It is a time of uncertainty due to the growing impact of COVID-19. Many homeowners and renters have faced loss of income due to the state of emergency everywhere. The first question on many minds is what can I do if I cannot pay my mortgage or rent? Thankfully as of March 21st, there was an Executive Order passed in New York to help assist those who have been impacted.

The main update is that foreclosures and evictions have been suspended until further notice is ordered. This moratorium is for 90 days, or until mid-June. Any foreclosures that were active before the start of COVID-19 are also included. Courts are closed and filings for starting foreclosures or evictions are on hold until May at the earliest in many places.

During this time homeowners and renters are still required to make their mortgage and rent payments if they can. If you have had a loss of income related to the pandemic, many lenders and mortgage servicers are offering 90-day forbearances to help. These programs are not automatic and will need to be requested. Many mortgage companies are offering these programs by calling in, but many have ways to sign up on their website to avoid long hold times. We encourage those who are struggling to reach out to their mortgage company to request these programs. If you are a tenant that has been impacted, we recommend reaching out your landlord to discuss options.